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A Brief Overview to Selling Your Pension for Fast Cash

If you are short on cash and need money fast, then you might consider options that you have for selling your pension. Sell my pension is a thought that many people have, but they just do not fully understand the process. A selling their pension fund could be just the solution that these people are looking for. The requirements are minimal, and if you have at least £15,000 in your pension account, then you will qualify in most cases.

Sell My Pension Defined and Eligibility Standards

It is actually very hard to sell a pension fund, and you could be saddled with a large tax bill if you do.  Our schemes are unique as we help you find pension investment options which allow you to receive a cash back offer or non-repayable loan in exchange for investing your pension fund in a certain scheme.  We can help you protect your future while still giving you up to 70% of your pension in cash within a few weeks.

Even though a sell my pension scheme seems like it requires repayment, it does not. It is basically the process of a person releasing cash from their own pension fund that they have earned. The money is moved from your actual pension account into a trust that you have total control over. The qualification criterion is the simplest anyone will ever see when they are trying to get money. All you have to do is have the £15,000 in the account, and you can’t currently have any other type of pension release on file that you are taking money from.

How Long Does the Process Take?

The process is very quick to obtain a pension release as long as you have the necessary documents in order. If you complete the application promptly, then the company will be able to release up to 70% of your pension funds within about three weeks. It is possible that the pension cash release could take less or more time, depending on your individual circumstances. These pension liberation schemes are a godsend for many people, because it gives them the financial freedom they are desperately seeking if they are low on cash. It is also much better to spend money that is already yours, rather than to borrow more with other types of loan programs that you have to pay back.